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J. F. (Jack) Janecky is the Managing Attorney at Janecky Law, where he specializes in Workers Compensation, Probate work, and Employment related litigation.

He obtained his B.S. degree at the United States Air Force Academy (1966) and his J.D. degree at the University of Alabama School of law (1975).

He is a member of the Alabama Bar Association (Chairman, Ethics Committee, 1996-1998); the American Bar Association; the Mobile Bar Association (Executive Committee, 1998, 1999; Chairman, Ethics Committee, 1998-1999; Chairman, Constitution and Bylaws Committee, 2007; Chairman, Law Library Committee, 2017- 2019); the Florida State Bar; the Alabama Defense Lawyers Association (President, 2000-2001; Chairman, Law Office Management Committee, 1999; Executive Committee, 1994-1995; Board of Directors, 1993-1996); the Defense Research Institute and the Alabama Workers Compensation Defense Lawyers Association (Board of Directors).

He is regularly listed as an outstanding lawyer in workers compensation by the peer review organizations of Super Lawyers and Best Attorneys in Alabama.


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How long does it take to go through probate in Alabama?

Unless your estate qualifies for small estate administration in Alabama, the probate process will take a minimum of six months in Alabama. This is the amount of time prescribed by law to give heirs and creditors notice of the case and for creditors to submit their claims. The personal representative is also responsible for conducting a number of other important tasks, such as inventorying the estate, filing publication of the probate and resolving claims. Many probate cases that do not involve litigation are settled within a year.

How long do I have to file probate after death in Alabama?

To be effective, a will must be filed for probate in the county where the decedent died or owned property within five years of the date of death. Anyone who is in possession of the original will must deliver it to the appropriate probate court after the person’s death.

How can I avoid the probate process in Alabama?

There are a number of ways to minimize the value of your probate estate or eliminate the need for probate altogether. The most common method is to transfer all of your property, such as by using a living revocable trust. Other methods include providing lifetime gifts to your beneficiaries, placing assets under the joint title with rights of survivorship, naming a person or trust as the beneficiary designated on your financial accounts and including a payable or transfer on death designation for other assets or securities.

How many days do I have to miss work to be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits?

You must miss work for at least three days after your work-related injury or illness to qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. Your benefits begin on the fourth day after your injury. If your injury lasts for 21 days or longer, you will receive compensation for the first three days of missed work, which are paid from your first installment of workers’ compensation payments.

How does workers’ compensation work in Alabama?

After a work-related injury that occurs within the course and scope of your employment, you must report the injury to your employer and apply for workers’ compensation benefits. Your employer selects your treating physician. Your employer’s workers’ compensation carrier pays for reasonably necessary medical treatments associated with your injury. This includes payment for surgery, medicine, surgical supplies, crutches and chiropractic care that may be considered necessary by your doctor. You may also be entitled to weekly compensation benefits that replace two-thirds of your normal gross income, subject to state maximum limits.


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